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We really really love to make things!
And to give the used things in store a new life
Say Hi to Uncle Lye when you next visit here!
At 74, he is the oldest man in store!

We are Hock Siong

From Karung Guni to now dealing with second hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from local hotels and residential households, we have come a long way! Go ahead and read about our story…
We are Hock Siong

What’s up at our Kampong?

  • Papaya Vintage Bangkok
    Papaya Vintage Bangkok
    Sawadee-kha! I took a 3 days break off work to visit Bangkok with a girl friend. Friends who know me knows I love Bangkok. I can visit this city [...]
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  • Time Keeper x Warehouse
    Time Keeper x Warehouse
    Hola! It’s been a while since I updated this! Late last year in 2016, our Hock Siong team was doing a slightly off track project to build a [...]
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  • Noobie Guide to Frame Painting
    Noobie Guide to Frame Painting
    Ok, I’ll be frank. Work has consumed so much time that I haven’t got time to paint anything until now. While my team members loved [...]
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