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Meet Our People

In this series, we feature our community that makes Hock Siong works.

Humans of Hock Siong: Keng Shiong

Meet our colleague Keng Shiong, also known as “Ah Shiong” from the carpentry department. Ah Shiong has a myriad of skills; from repairing lamps, to fixing cabinets and welding the metal racks you see in our kitchenware & linen department. While he is in the midst of refurbishing a cabinet, let’s catch up with him!

Hock Siong: Hello Ah Shiong!

Ah Shiong: *Gives a wide grin*

Hock Siong : Before working at Hock Siong, what other vocations did you have?

Ah Shiong: I came out to the workforce very early in my mid-teens. I didn’t really study much and skipped school a lot. My first job was in a provision shop. Then after a few years, I went into doing electrical and plumbing works, and eventually metal works. After working for 10 over years at Hock Siong, I gathered some carpentry knowledge and is helping out the team in refurbishing and up-cycling works.  

Hock Siong: What was the most memorable or most challenging thing you encounter during your work at Hock Siong?

Ah Shiong: I take things as they come. I have colleagues whom we work together in a team so it really makes things easier. But I do remember a few significant places we went to – like some hotels in Singapore which I have to dismantle very giant chandeliers. I get to go to places with amazing (interior) design. It is quite an experience. Work is tough. Some sites are more challenging but we work as a team.


Ah Shiong's workshop - with his wall of screws and nails

Hock Siong: What is your passion?

Ah Shiong: I actually really enjoy electrical and plumbing works more than wood works. 

(Edit: But we think his passion is secretly about up-cycling, check out #MadeByHockSiong for the works that he has done!)

Hock Siong: What do you do after work? 

Ah Shiong: Last time I will do other part time jobs after work. But after joining Hock Siong, I just chill after work. I will go to the coffee shop and have a pint of beer, or hang out with my wife Lan after we end work.

I am also looking forward to getting my new place at the end of this year!

This interview was conducted in Mandarin and later translated to English.

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