Welcome to Hock Siong

Every 2nd life is a creation of great zest & imagination

Our Story

Originated from the 1970s, we used to be a family of Karung Guni (rag and bone) traders but had since ventured into dealing 2nd hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from local hotels and residential households.

Hock Siong strives to be a humble jungle of good quality products where customers can find good quality items at reasonable prices, so that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy a better quality of living.

Our store is located in an old industrial building at 153 Kampong Ampat. In our messy space, you will be able to find (or hunt) for 2nd hand tables, chairs, lamps, posters, linen and other knick knacks. Read more

We are Hock Siong

Every furniture has their own story, character and purpose, passed from hands to homes. Everyone deserves good furniture that are made to last and creativity that sparks general living. Exciting, Eclectic & Exquisite. We are Hock Siong

Our Mission

We are committed to bring value to our clients through good products and reliable service

Our Expertise

  • Furniture Recycling & Up-cycling
  • Disposal & Waste Management
  • Furniture Valuation & Appraisal

Our Team

Our team members are the heart of our business. We train and empower our team members to bring the best in them.

Some videos about us…

Credit: These videos were done by the students from Wee Kim Wee School of Information & Communication, NTU as part of their social media curriculum