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Vintage Teak Display Cabinet with Pencil Legs

$420.00 including 7% GST

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Some details to know:

  • An original vintage display cabinet with pencil legs. Style is circa 50/60s and the laminate on its top surface is an old piece.
  • Originally from a local residence
  • Condition: 6/10
  • Item is vintage and sold as it is. Item is imperfect.
  • If you are looking to refurbish it, additional charges may apply, price will be around $580 (inclusive of refurbishment).
  • Things to note:
    • Lock has been replaced and there are keys for it
    • Slight crack in one of the sliding glass
    • Scuffs and wear on the surface
    • One of its legs has a missing black rubber stopper
Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions L 87 x W 41 x H 129 cm