Vintage Pencil Legs Wardrobe/Display Cabinet

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Some details to know:

  • Previously used as a wardrobe to hang clothes, such wardrobes are rare nowadays with the modern built in wardrobe!
  • Potential up-cycling idea : display cabinet or bookshelf?
  • Material: Teak wood
  • Things to note:
    • Numerous scuffs and scratches especially on areas with high touch-point such as the knobs.
    • Original door knobs are rusty
    • Discoloration and scratches on the bottom left drawer
    • Lock with missing key, do let us know if you would like us to replace it
  • Feel free to contact us should you require further assistance such as refurbishment of the cabinet. Additional charges apply depending on request.
Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions L 106 x W 55.5 x H 182.5 cm