Solid Teak Sideboard with Queen Anne’s legs

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Some details to know:

  • Beautiful solid teak sideboard with storage drawers and Queen Anne’s legs!  The handle pulls of the drawers are “scallop” pulls which makes it additionally interesting. As item is made out of solid teak, you can feel its weight while pulling out the drawers.
  • Originally from a local residence
  • Condition: 7.5-8/10 (generally great condition other than the 2 scratches on the table top)
  • Vintage item so as it is
  • Things to note:
    • Light scratches on glass top
    • There are 2 stroke (and scratch) marks on the wood top itself (under the glass). Kindly refer to close-up photos for more details.
    • Patina on its metal shell handles.
  • Delivery only to ground level or lift-landing floor which this item can fit into your service lift.
Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions L 120 x W 44.5 x H 75.5 cm