Oriental Square Table with Round Marble Top


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  • An oriental style square high legged table painted in black with a round marble center encased in it, this 4 seater dining table is originally from a member’s only private club in Singapore.
  • Condition: 8.5-9/10
    • Some light scratches on the surface of the marble top which may not be well captured on the product photos. We recommend customers to view the condition of the item in person, at our physical store 🙂
    • Some scuffs and chipped paint on the edges and corners of the table.
  • As we have multiple pieces of this item, please note that the actual piece delivered may differ slightly from the one photographed for the web store.
  • Delivery only to ground level or lift-landing floor which this item can fit into your service lift.
Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions L 90 x W 90 x H 76.5 cm