Newly Revarnished Vintage Teak 4-Part Sideboard


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  • Once an old, nondescript dull sideboard given a complete makeover by our team of carpentry by sanding down and revarnishing it a new coat of lacquer. The top left and right compartment features and flip down door with side hinges. The bottom compartment features a drawer storage and cabinet storage respectively.
  • Recommended use as a bar or buffet cabinet!
  • Material: Burmese Teak
  • Condition: Newly refurbished with original hardware and locks retained.
    • Some patina and rust on the metal hardware.
    •  As locks for the upper storage compartments are original and have to be closed with keys. This item only comes with 1 set of keys, thus we recommend customers to duplicate the keys.
  • Delivery only to ground level or lift-landing floor which this item can fit into your service lift.
Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions L 152 x W 45 x H 137 cm