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I took a 3 days break off work to visit Bangkok with a girl friend. Friends who know me knows I love Bangkok. I can visit this city 3-4 times a year. I always think the Thais are very creative. Their zest for life inspires me big time and I love it.

In this trip, I met up with many interesting people but the highlight was the visit to Papaya. It is a vintage store in Bangkok and I have heard great things about them for a long time. However, it is always a missed chance to visit them because they are a distance away from the city center (at Lad Phrao), and every Bangkok trip is in a rush. This time round, I made a double effort to visit them, and gosh, it was simply out of the world.

When the cab driver dropped me off at Lad Phrao 55, it feels so different from the standard BKK shopping areas. Here, it is all flatted shophouses in the Lad Phrao neighbourhood and it took me around 5 minutes of walking and asking around to locate Papaya. When I finally reached Papaya, there wasn’t too much expectation. But after diving in deeper, wow. I think Papaya is more than 5-6 times bigger than the space we have here at Hock Siong? Besides that, they have many rooms and “hidden” areas which it just cool to explore. Despite the sweltering heat in Bangkok, we spent practically the whole afternoon there, combing areas after areas repeatedly.


There are simply too many credenzas I love for me to take pictures of them. Obviously, furniture is passion.

They also have some featured rooms that are very nicely styled. I guessed they might be rented for studio shoots. Walking in them really made me feel like I’m walking into a Madmen set. And again, I need to repeat : I love their credenzas. 

Erico-fon. Many years back I almost bought these phones off an Etsy seller. I love them (I hope you realise I have a great love for everything now). Hopefully I can find some interesting ones in my upcoming trip to the States.

This room is my favourite part in Papaya. Probably because of the white walls and it looking like a loft. All is lacking is aircon and some white wine :p

As you can see I am standing from the 2nd or 3rd level. And on the ground level, I supposed it is the storage area for Papaya. Can you imagine the amount of treasures hidden inside? This area reminds me of our old warehouse a lot because we also built storages out of metal frames and racking like them.


When I stepped into this room filled with storeys high of bentwood chairs, I was like: What! Am I am out of this world? There we see, the OCD-ness and perfection in the old. I simply love it.


Papaya Bangkok 

Address : 55 /2 Lat Phrao Rd, Phlabphla, Khet Wang Thonglang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10310, Thailand

Tip: As there is no nearby BTS in Lad Phrao, for my transport back to Siam area, I took a cab and dropped off at Mochit BTS (where you alight for Chatuchak) because most cab drivers would not want to travel to the city due to the bad traffic.
Opens 10-6pm (I was there on a Sunday)


Of course, every trip to Bangkok we can’t miss a brunch at Roast!
(The lamb Gnocchi was ACE)

It was a Birthday well-spent! 🙂


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