Noobie Guide to Frame Painting

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Ok, I’ll be frank. Work has consumed so much time that I haven’t got time to paint anything until now. While my team members loved the chalk / pastel look, I really want to try something deep and different. And there is always this plum pudding colour from Frenchic that I always wanted to try, so tah-dah! I’ve decided to paint it on this gold gilded mirror (I’ve even asked May for her permission!)

Step 1: Find an old frame 


Step 2: Stick masking tape around the corners of your frame

While the Frenchic furniture paint can be easily clean with wet cloth, I went ahead to stick a round of masking tape around the edges because 1) my craft is not fine – it is clumsy  2) As compared to washing away the paint stuck on the mirror, I still think it takes lesser time to stick the corners of the frame.


Step 3: Paint

Same as the earlier tutorial I’ve did to paint the side table, I dab the brush to the water (just a little to wet it) and then to the paint! So far for all the projects, I’ve not added water into the Frenchic Paints.


Have faith when you paint…


even though it may look secretly ugly at first….


Step 4: Wait for it to dry (at least 2 hours) then sand it

For this mirror, I have envisioned it to have a distressed look. Thus, I have only painted 1 layer and waited it to dry completely for 2 hours. After which I have used sandpaper 150 to sand down the corners. The feeling when I first sanded down was mixed! I never expect it to have scratches! I kept calm and continued to sand…. May said the worst can only be me painting back the whole mirror, so I should continue to sand it.


My finger had pointed the “scratched” part.


Step 5: Seal it with finishing coat

Then I thought of putting the Frenchic Finishing Coat to mitigate the scratched paint. IT WORKED.
The finishing coat works as a sealant to protect the paint and to seal the colour of the work. It is water resistant and compared to the wax… the finishing coat is easier and faster to use.

After sanding down, I gave the mirror a quick brush on the surface to brush off any paint dust, and proceed to apply the finishing coat with a normal brush.


Applying the finishing coat and waiting it to dry for at least 30 to 45 minutes


And you’ll get this! 🙂 


I am really happy with the mirror, which I thought it gave the Alice In The Wonderland vibes
Will be experimenting with FrenSheen on my next project so fingers and toes crossed!!


Write to be at [email protected] to share with me what you’ve painted! 

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