It’s great to have you with us!

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Greetings from Team Hock Siong!

Finally months years of (procrastinating), our brand new website is finally up!  This time round, we are very thankful to have the talent of Dean Loh from Kaia who project managed this space and Ly Yeow who illustrated the cute drawings you see throughout the pages. We are very thankful to have good partners who did a great job and contributed 🙂

In this new space, we strive to share more useful (and also lengthy-er) content. Apart from our regular sharing in Facebook, we hope to share and exchange ideas on up cycling, and maybe interior and design we seen from other places and we like (ok, we will really try…we are no designers heh heh) here. I definitely feel this is a good space because it is quiet and feels serene. Write to us if to let us know what you would love to read too! 🙂

Just because today is our opening, and this is the first post for our opening,
we must do something special.
Here are some rare photos which we never show before…. 

This is me and my sibling at the #01-01 Hock Siong store which now houses our linen and kitchenware.  At that time, there used to be this gift retail shop called “Giftland” which unfortunately ceased business. Hock Siong took over the items from that store and my boss gave me the opportunity to sell these items after my O Levels examination. I was only 16 then! Some days there were many customers, some days there were not. I remembered I made my 2nd sister wore a giant home-made poster across her to promote the items. She agreed! That’s probably because she was only 8. Those were great times!


This is Mr. Toh in an undated photo, which I personally think may be around 1998

This is Mr. Toh in a photo dated 1994. That time, we are already in our current space! (Did you notice the exit sign? See if you can still spot it here) Just imagine this space stacked with rows and rows of guni stacks of old clothing’s, toys and what’s not. We have to sort those guni (clothes) into “Oil Cloth/ Cotton/ Linen/ Undergarments” At that time, the “office” is built from metal racking and business operated from there. True stoicism. But before this metal racking office, Mr. Toh used to be located between 2 narrow walls, which is now our technician /spare parts room for lamps.  I secretly think one day I should be called “The Hock Siong historian”. Hahahaha!


Mr. Toh at an even older photograph. We used to be located at Blk 4 Joo Seng Road before we moved to our current premise. Look at the video players behind? They are the great deal of those days.

Mr. Toh in an earlier photograph. We used to be located at Blk 4 Joo Seng Road before we moved to our current premise. Look at the video and cassette players behind? They are the great deal of those days.

Thank you for reading, it’s great to have you here with us!