Dear Brillyn….

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Dear Brillyn,

Today is Valentine’s Day and it has been some time since you were in a romantic relationship. Sometimes you may feel lonely, nobody really close to call to whine to, or sometimes you just want someone you can see the world with. You know, the close intimate relationship. It’s inevitable you will feel envious or lonely when you see there is someone doing these with someone. But I want to remind you, never stop loving. Nor stop feeling you are not being loved. Your family loves you, your friends love you. Love can come in many forms. Through the time they decided to spend to talk to you, listen to you or simply giving their presence. Through the effort they decided to give you amongst the vast amount of random stuff they could otherwise do, to ask how are you,  make a gift for you, buying you a snack while they by at work, or randomly sending you humour through Instagram. Just like every relationship as a decision to love, it is their decision to share their time with you.

You must always remember the greatest form of love is to Love Yourself. It is not an act of selfish-ness but your well being will assure them and not let people who love you, worry about you. Your well-being will also allow you to have that energy to take care of the people around you. Remember that day you fainted at work when you were sick? The tears your mom shed when she was scared were tremendously heartbreaking. Your colleagues were worried and concerned about you. Because of this, you were determined to get well and live well, so that you can take care of the people around you.

Always live a life with gratitude. Love the things you do, the people you meet, be it good or bad and treat them with lovingly kindness. Always treat experiences with neutrality and greet them with positivity despite all odds. Experiences will train you to become stronger, or inspire you to be someone which you had been inspired from. They are infectious. The love you have for life in life will be so great that everyday it will nourish you.

I wish you will live a day, everyday, heart filled with love and happiness. Everyone deserves their own happiness. So as you.

Always loving you,


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