We are quite a messy store

Some call it acquired taste, some call it treasure hunting, some think we are just messy and overrated. We are a simple little store that seeks to sell good quality products at reasonable price.

Free Delivery for purchase above $300

Free parking in store or come by public transport

Open Mon - Sun
9:30am to 5:50pm

We accept cash, nets,
Visa & Mastercard (for purchase above $50)

In the past, this space was filled with stacks of old guni-sacks, but now used furniture, lamps and accessories from local hotels and homes filled the floor and walls. Some furniture are dated, while we do have occasional modern collection. Usually a mix of young and old. Let your eyes and curiosity lead the way!

Our people contribute greatly to moulding the company’s culture. At the front end, we have our sales team serving you, supported by a big team of operational, carpentry, warehouse and delivery team members to collect, refurbish, store and deliver the items to you. It can only be done with great teamwork.

We take great pride in our refurbishment works and make things with care. We have an in-house team to refurbish and restore the items we have.  We just love to add a little touch of eclecticism in our refurbished works.




There is no one in Hock Siong named Hock Siong. We got our name when towkay pieced by 2 Chinese words 福  fu (Hock) meaning “Prosperity” which is also the first letter of his dialect 福建 fujian (Hokkien)  with the last letter of his name 祥 xiang (Siong) .

Every object and furniture has their own history and character. Some people come to us to find a slice of their past memory.

With 95% of the items in store pre-used, these items may be dusty or even badly damaged. It is about embracing differences, we sell things in their “as-is” in their refurbished or un-refurbished condition, we also do custom works to the items you purchase at an additional charge.

We love to make things! For some items that may be obsolete, we modify and repurpose them, so that wastage will be minimised.

Thanks to social media, we are able to share the potential of 2nd hand furniture can bring to a greater crowd. We style the items from our store and share these inspired looks at Facebook and Instagram.