Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 26 March 2021, 11:57AM

Buying from Hock Siong

Thank you for your interest to purchase something from our online store. Whether it is a big or small item, we are delighted that you are looking to incorporate something used, vintage or one of a kind to your homes!

As we also run a retail outlet selling vintage goods, the stocks shown in our website may not be updated in real time (vintage items are one of a kind! ;). Thus, we will physically check the stock to ensure its availability before you make payment.

To facilitate a better online shopping experience for all, here is a guide:

Step 1: Online shoppers select and shop as normal in our online store. Once you have check out your items, you will receive an email stating that we are checking the stock.

Step 2: Our store will physically check the items’ availability. Orders sent after 5pm will be processed the next day. If your item is available, we will send you an order confirmation email with our PayNow / bank transfer details for you to make payment. In the meantime, we will hold your order for 24 hours.

If your item is unavailable, we will also notify you via email.

Step 3:  After payment is received, we will contact you on the delivery date and time. For unpaid payments after 24 hours, we regret that your order will be automatically cancelled.

We hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our store at [email protected]

Buying 2nd Hand Items

There are 3 things to note when you purchase a pre-loved item from Hock Siong.

1) Condition
2) Quality 
3) Hygiene & Care

1. Check their condition

We advise all potential buyers to read through the items’ details on the right side bar in the individual page before making the decision to purchase. For dimensions of the items, they are available under “Additional Information”.

Most of the time, we sell the items in “As It Is” condition and they come with flaws such as scratches, worn marks, scuffs, chipped corners and even rust for some metal items. They are the “battle scars”of usage and time.

Wooden Products

For wooden products, Hock Siong will clean up the item and do a light wood-dye touch up to cover uneven colour tones arising from chipped or scratched areas. Wood-dying is not filling up the chipped areas, sanding or refurbishing. Wood dye or wood stain will cover around 60-70% of the uneven colour from wear and usage but not remove the damage done by scratches. Wood-dye works well in teak surfaces.

Occasionally, we include refurbishment works such as sand down and revarnish for more commonly used areas like table top surfaces. They have been included in the price and is indicated under the items’ details if we have done such works to the item. Regrettably, we are unable to do any touch up on items made of MDF, Chipboard or have some crackled or hand painted finishing.

For items which are sold “As It Is”, but you would like it to be refurbished, we can do it at an additional charge. Kindly contact our store or email us at [email protected] for a quote.

Fabric Seatings & Beddings

We sell them in “As It Is” condition. The seatings are mostly in good condition, with unnoticeable frays unless otherwise stated. However, if you like to makeover their upholstery, do contact Kim Hwee. Additionally, you can also contact De-Hygienique for sanitising services. For some carpets and seatings, we will clean them with a wet vacuum, but stains may not be totally removed.

If you are in doubt on the item’s condition or details, please contact our sales team at 96471202 for more information before making the commitment to purchase.


2. Quality 

When purchasing a 2nd hand piece, it is important to think whether it can last you for a period of time. We encourage responsible consumption here in Hock Siong. Well-made furniture using good quality materials can last for generations with care and regular maintenance. We try our best to include the materials used in the product’s descriptions as much as possible.

Furniture may also have a mixture of materials such as solid teak for its frame, and teak ply for the insides of the drawers. As Singapore can be humid, it is also important to store the items in a well-ventilated area to minimise the growth of mould or spots.

PS: If you have spot any mistakes in the way we describe the item, please drop us a note.

3. Hygiene & Care

We will do a last wipe down before the items go on delivery. At home, you can use Pledge or wood oil (but please apply them on a lint-free cloth, instead directly on the furniture) to maintain its shine. From experience, furniture wiped down frequently lasts longer than when it is not.

It is also important not to place hot items directly on surfaces as there may be heat stains on the item’s varnish. We recommend customers placing a heat resistant placemat before placing hot items on them.

Thank you so much for giving these furniture and goods a 2nd life!


1. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is FREE to 1 lift landing or ground location with a single purchase above $400. For purchase below $400, delivery will cost between $30-80 depending on the size, weight and fragility of the item.

2. Where do you deliver and what time do you deliver?

We currently deliver island wide (inclusive of Sentosa) in Singapore. Unfortunately, we do not provide the option to ship internationally at the moment 🙁

Our delivery timings are between 9:30am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

3. I stay in a walk-up Apartment without lift, are you able to deliver?

Yes, we are able to deliver to apartments, maisonettes, private houses via stairs at an additional charge.

4. How fast can you deliver?

We take 1-3 working days to deliver your item. Do call us at 62818338 if you require a same day delivery option, subject to availability.

After you have placed your order, our team will contact you to arrange for delivery.

5. Can I buy something and store with you?

Due to the limited storage space in our warehouse, we are only able to store your paid purchase up to 14 days. For undelivered items after 14 days, there will be a weekly chargeable storage fee of 30% x item price.

6. Disposal Service

We are able to dispose furniture at a charge between $30 – $80 for each item. Kindly pre-arrange with our store at 62818338 and inform us the item you are planning to dispose so we can advise on the cost.

We regret due to manpower and timing constraints, we may not be able to take in last minute disposal requests.


1.  What payment mode do you take in the online store?

We accept Bank Transfers, PayNow when you purchase via our online store.

2. Orders in hold 

For customers whom selected to make payment via Bank Transfers / PayNow, we will hold your order for 24 hours while you make the payment. Kindly WhatsApp your payment receipt to 96471202 or email to [email protected] so that we can verify with our accounts on the receipt of funds.

We will release any unpaid order(s) after 24 hours from the time the order is placed.

Exchange & Refund

As Hock Siong sells pre-used items mostly in single quantity, we highly encourage our customers to read through the product information and ensure the measurements fits before making the commitment to purchase. However, we understand that our products may still not a be suitable fit.

1. Seven (7) Days Exchange & Return Policy

We will be happy to accept returns within 7 days from the day you receive the items. For the items to be accepted, the item(s) must be in:

  • Reasonably good working condition
  • Not damaged

To return or exchange a product, please write to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 96471202 as soon as you have decided. Our sales team will contact you to arrange for the items to be collected back.

2. Restocking Fee

As selling, administrative and handling are costs that we have incurred during selling and delivery, we regret there will be a 20% restocking fee for all returns.  Thus, the final amount refunded to the customer will be:

Amount Refunded = Price Paid  – (Price Paid  x 20%)

The refund can be done in bank transfer or in the mode of shopping credits.

3. Cancellation of your order (Paid but Pending Delivery) 

If you wish to cancel your order before it was delivered, please notify as soon as possible once you have decided. There will be no charges if you wish to cancel your order and retain the credits for future purchases.

For customers cancelling their orders and opting for refunds, there will be a 10% bank charge imposed. Please note that we are only able to accept cancellations within 7 days from the day you made the purchase.

Amount Refunded = Price Paid  – (Price Paid  x 10%)


Your payment is is handled by Stripe via secure connection. Our website will not store any customer’s credit card details.